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Westlake Village, California, is a city in Los Angeles County, California. Its border is Ventura County. It was incorporated in 1981, becoming the 82nd municipality in Los Angeles County. The population of Westlake Village was estimated to be 8,217 in 2019 compared to 8,270 at the 2010 census. Residents enjoy a warm climate and a wide range of amenities. There are several reasons to live in this California town.

Its thriving food and drink scene has made it one of the premier dining destinations in Southern California. From world-famous chefs to homegrown ingredients, the local restaurants are both modern and classic. Dining in Westlake Village is both trendy and elegant, refined and casual. It has something for everyone. And there is plenty of nightlife to keep you busy. But what's the best food in Westlake Village? Listed below are some of the best restaurants in town. Visit here

Located adjacent to Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area, Westlake Village is home to many parks and open spaces. Recreational activities include hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, and picnicking. The town also maintains scenic sidewalks, green belts, and protected bike lanes. If you'd like to have a good meal at a waterfront restaurant, Westlake Village has three restaurants with lake views. Lakeside dining is also an excellent way to enjoy the sunsets.

There are several restaurants and bars in Westlake Village. Many of them feature live music by top musicians. A variety of acoustic and live music venues attract world-class performers. Enjoy cocktails and music at Bogie's at The Westlake Village Inn, which also features live performances on weekends. At night, diners can enjoy live music at Zin Bistro Americana, a contemporary eatery with a vibrant music scene. Read next article.

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