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We offer small and medium sized business customized managed IT service plans. We'll keep your IT running smoothly so your business can focus on it's own goals.

Managed IT Services With Your Business In Mind

A small/medium sized business owner must wear many hats, they are often tasked with being a jack of all trades. While small/medium businesses strive to manage their budget and reduce their expenses as much as possible, IT support is not something you want to skimp on. Having a well trained, competent, IT team in place should a disaster occur can literally save your company from huge loses.

When disaster strikes, you need a company that you can count on to respond quickly and solve the issue. Hiring multiple IT personnel to assemble your own IT department can cost you hundreds of thousands each year. Fortunately, this is not necessary! For just a fraction of the cost, you can reap the benefits of having a team of IT professionals at your service, ready to mitigate your companies IT issues ASAP.

Our experts provide a level of IT support that is second to none. Today’s digital landscape can be a treacherous one, and every business must approach their IT setup with caution. We monitor your network 24/7 and remain responsive to any notifications. While your employees are clocking out for the day, we are still in the office defending your network and preventing attacks.

Why Hire DrPC for your Businesses?

When you hire DrPC, you are hiring a team with over a hundred years of experience combined. While your employees may know a bit about managing your IT infrastructure (usually just enough to be dangerous) , it is our specialty. We have dedicated many hours to learning how to optimize your network and our efforts shine through the improvements that our customer’s experience while working with us.

An IT Infrastructure That Scales With Your Business

Generally, business owners cover all of their bases before they open up their doors. Policies are created and communicated to employees and everyone knows what they need to do. Equipment is purchased and setup...and it’s business as usual. What happens as your business grows though?

Over time, you will gain new clientele and you will experience new levels of demand. Technological advances will take place, and you will purchase new applications with greater functionality to keep up with the competition. These new applications will require greater resources - and if you’re working with outdated equipment, it might not cut it.

Our approach for small/medium businesses take a holistic approach to maintaining our client’s IT infrastructure - we are concerned with optimizing every aspect of your network, your hardware, and software. Is your hardware or network running smoothly? A few simple upgrades or configurations might be able to dramatically improve your network/devices’ performance. Call now for your IT assessment to see what we can do for you.

You Can Run Your Business Again

If you try to take on too many tasks and solve every problem on your own, you'll quickly find that you're stretching yourself too thin. If you landed on this page, chances are that you do not own your own IT business (and that it’s not your specialty). Don’t waste your valuable time and resources on something that a managed IT services provider can handle. Let DrPC take care of your IT, while you take care of running your business.

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