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Having computer issues? Don't stress! Call Dr. PC for onsite computer repairs for hardware and software problems. Get a free quote for services now.

We Come to You

Computer Issue? Don't Stress! Call Dr. PC To Get Your Problem Fixed

Our experienced and highly trained technicians come out to your location to perform onsite Thousand Oaks computer repair services and installations/configurations. Contact us today for a free quote and we will be out to fix your issue right away!

Computer Repair Services We Offer

We work with PCs and can help with your HP, Chromebook, Dell, Lenovo, and other PC devices. Our services include:

  • Hardware Repair/Upgrade
  • Mac/PC Virus Removal
  • Onsite Computer Services
  • Remote Services
  • Data Retrieval/Recovery
  • General Computer Maintenance
  • Custom Computer Builds
  • Laptop Screen Repair
  • And more...

Onsite Repairs

Are you experiencing a hardware shortcoming or software malfunction? Our technicians can be out to your home or office quickly to get your equipment back up and running. While some issues cannot be fixed on-site, the majority can be fixed right where you are, same day.

Wireless Extensions and Access Point Installations

If you are experiencing spotty coverage in your home, it could be something as simple as merely needing a signal booster or wireless extension. We can help you by installing wireless access points (WAPs) throughout your home or office to ensure you, your family, and your employees have the coverage they need.

Hardware Installation and Sharing

Our team can install all types of printers, copiers, and auxiliary equipment to get them configured and operational straight away. We understand the need for this equipment, which is why we get it installed right the first time.

Data Transfer

Don't lose out on important data by attempting a transfer between devices yourself. We can help move data from older computers to your newer PC model.

Network Setup

A functioning network facilitates connection, file sharing, data backup, and more. Dr. PC can help ensure your home or office network configuration is operating as it should and supports all team members' hardware and software needs.

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