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computer services performed onsite

Our technicians can come to your location and perform computer repairs, services and installation/configurations.

Onsite computer repairs

Have a hardware or software malfunction? We can come to you and get the job fixed quickily. Some issues can't be done onsite, but our team member will discuss your options with you. Most issues such as virus infections and Operating system errors can be fixed same day, onsite.

Wireless extensions and access point installations

One side of your house gets great coverage, while the other, not so much. We can install a wireless extension service that will provide great coverage all over your home. If your a business owner and need wireless through out the building, DrPC can install WAP's (wireless access points) to provide coverage for all of your employees connectivity needs.

Printer installation and sharing

We provide installation services for all models of printers and copiers. From simple home printers to networked copiers, DrPC can install and configure the devices for you or your company

Transfer data from old PC's to new ones

Computers get old, after about 5-6 years, a computer is nearing the end of its life (statistically) Inevitbly these old computers will need to be replaced and alot of times the data and information on the old PC's needs to be transferred to the new PC. DrPC can transfer all of your old PC's information to the new PC and get the new PC up and running quickly for you.

Set up home networking

Sharing printers, files, drives, backups, etc. If you want to network your home we can get your devices sharing data.

There are many other onsite computer and IT services DrPC can perform. If you have any questions, pleease just call one of our friendly team members and we can answer any questions you may have

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