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Mac/PC Virus Removal

Is your Mac or computer infected by malware of a virus? DrPC's team of certified technicians can correctly and completely eradicate your system of any virus

Mac Virus Removal

Emergency PC fix

Yes, Macs get viruses.  Mac running really slow?  Getting pop up ads? Getting redirected to a site other than the one intended?  You’ve likely got a virus.  Contrary to popular belief, Macs get infected quite often.  If you believe your Mac has been infected by a virus or malware, contact us to schedule either an onsite service, or we can provide the service in shop or remotely.

PC Virus Removal

A compromised computer is not good, we do far too much, from banking to shopping, to allow viruses and malware to gain access to our personal data. There are so many ways for a computer to be exposed to these common threats: email, compromised websites, infected devices, etc.  If however you have already been exposed, we can clean the computer correctly so that no further infections can occur.  Having the right software and or firewall makes all the difference

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