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Our team of certified professionals has provided top-notch computer repair and IT support for both residences and businesses of Moorpark, CA since 2009.

Computer Repair Near You

Computer Repair Services near Moorpark, Ca

From hardware issues such as defective hard drives to software and operating system problems such as a computer not booting, Our team will diagnose the issue and get it fixed for you QUICKLY!.  If you live in or have a business in Moorpark, our team of industry certified professionals will fix your computer the correct way the first time. We offer many different types of computer repair services near moorpark.

Business IT Support near Moorpark Ca

From out sourced (per incident) IT system problem management, to managed service agreements, DrPC has you covered. Perhaps your company is too small to hire a full time IT manager, or you prefer per incident service, DrPCusa is ready for you and can usually be onsite the same day to alleviate your IT issues.  If your business prefers to have guaranteed SLA’s (service level agreements) and would like a service to take full responsibility for all things IT related to your business, we can handle that as well.  Call us at (805) 469 0086 to schedule your free assessment today.  At DrPC, “We get IT”.

Residential Services

We deal with a lot of house calls from residential clients and their needs often vary: from computer repair services to wireless extensions to home networking, our techs will show up on time and get your problem resolved promptly.  We also offer managed services for some of our home clients; sometimes your time is more valuable than having to deal with IT headaches. For these clients we offer guaranteed arrival times, as well as remote assistance and after hour support to make sure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible

Virus Removal Services in Moorpark, Ca

Navigating the internet as well as several other methods, makes your computer a target for all the bad guys out there. From viruses to adware, to ransomware, we can assist to not only disinfect and completely remove the virus from your system, but offer plans that will 100% protect you from these threats in the future.

Software Installation and Configuration

Need your Outlook email configured?  Want to network QuickBooks?  Those are just two of the examples of services our team can provide.  We work with all sorts of software and getting it installed and configured correctly the first time is our guarantee to you

Laptop Repair Services in Moorpark, Ca

We get a lot of calls regarding laptop screen repairs in Moorpark, from cracked screens to overheating issues, at DrPC we can fix most model laptops screens and all models for most any other issue.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a Dell or a Lenovo, our team will get it fixed correctly and quickly for you.

Data Recovery Services in Moorpark, Ca

Is your computer not booting up?  External hard drive not being detected?  Maybe your company’s raid array is malfunctioning.  Don’t worry, we can get your data back.  We all know that the data on the computer can often be worth more than the computer itself, so if you’re looking for a data recovery company in Moorpark, CA, look no further than the team at DrPC.

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