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General Computer Maintenance

Has your PC slowed down recently? Has it not had a maintenance service performed recently? Good chance it just needs a cleanup/tuneup.

Computer clean up

Old software, lots of temp files, not to mention a whole host of other possible maintenance issues, may be slowing down your computer. Programs such as "CCleaner" usually cause more harm than good, and nothing beats a good manual cleaning about once every 6 months to a year (depending on use) If you'd like your system to perform at it's optimal best, call us to schedule an appointment and we'll have your computer running fast as new in no time.

Registry clean up

If you have owned your PC for several years, there is a good chance you installed, uninstalled and manipulated a lot of different programs on your computer; all of this activity leaves "junk" in the registry and can significantly slow down an otherwise healthy system. We'll go through your registry and make sure there is no build up of trash and junk files, if there are, we know what to delete and what NOT o delete; you don't want to haphazardly be deleting files in your registry, you'll likely cause much more harm than good

Driver updates

Your computer has many parts, most of which require "drivers" to operate correctly. If drivers become outdated and not updated, it can cause a huge issue with the performance of your computer. A lot of computer repairs just come down to making certain that the most recent version of your PC's drivers are installed. From storage control drivers to simple items such as printer drivers. Old, outdated drivers are a very common issue

Hardware checks and cleaning

Have you noticed your computer running very hot? Good chance you've got hardware that is not performing efficiently, or is full of dust. Part of DrPC's maintenance service is to remove and clean all parts of the PC that can accumulate dirt, dust and other undesirable junk For instance, something we see very often here at DrPC is the video card being LOADED with dust and filth, once cleaned, the GPU performs cooler and therefore more efficiently

Hard drive diagnostic testing

Part of our maintenance service includes making sure that your hard drive is in good working order and not on the verge of failure. Damaged drives can run okay for months before completely dying. Being proactive and ahead of the issue allows you to make certain your data is backed up and that your PC will work when it's needed most. If it turns out that your hard drive is dying, we can clone it before the problem gets too bad and have your computer back to you same way it was prior to the problem occurring.

Malware scan and removal

Included in our maintenance package, is a complete scan of your PC for rootkits, ransomware, trojans, adware, worms, etc. We use industry leading software to scan your entire system and if there's something on your PC that shouldn't be there, DrPC and our team of professionals will make sure it's removed correctly and any damaged caused by the malware is fixed completely.

Operating system configuration and bloatware removal

It's amazing how much superfluous junk Microsoft loads within it's operating systems; there is a whole lot of junk running in the background, and takes up precious resources that could be used for better performance. Windows 10 is notoriously bad with this. There is a lot of "bloatware" and services running that just art not needed. Our team can go through your PC and make sure it's running as efficiently as possible.

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