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Remote Services

A lot of PC repairs can be accomplished remotely. As long as your computer can boot, we can usually access it remotely and provide services

Remote PC repairs

Remote assistance requires that your computer be able to boot up, but there are certain problems we fix such as slow performing PC's, remotely from our location

Remote virus removal

Are you experiencing a lot or pop ups? maybe you're being directed to pages other than where you were supposed to go? Those symptoms, along with slow performance and odd software behavior can be signs of a malware or virus infection. One of our trained technicians can remotely access your PC (with your consent of course) and run the necessary tools to rid your system of the infection.

Remote software installation and configuration

Getting software correctly installed on your PC or server can also be done remotely. From office 365 configurations to quickbook networking and sharing, If you need remote computer support call DrPC, We'll install the software from our location, no need to come in and disturb the office or home

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