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We witnessed one of the largest data breaches in history, where hackers stole personal information worth millions from record-holding companies.  

However, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to data breaches.

Hackers know that many small business owners aren't aware of the risks and think they're immune from attacks. Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth.

According to a recent article, 43% of attacks in the online world are targeted at small businesses.

It's scary to think the same for your own business and how it could be at risk of being hacked.

So, here are some of the best tips for keeping your business safe from hackers.

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1. Implement Two-Step Verification

Implement two-step verification on all accounts that require login credentials to access. This means that an unauthorized user cannot log into an account unless they have both the username and password and a code sent via text message or email.

2. Limit Administrative Privileges

Limit administrative privileges to only those employees who need them (like managers). This will prevent an employee from accidentally installing malicious software on your computer system.

3. Stay On Top Of Software Updates

When security holes are discovered in the software that runs your business, software companies will release an update to fix them. You must stay on top of those updates and install them as soon as possible.

If you don't do so, it'll be like leaving a window open at night when there's a chance someone might break in—you're making it easy for them to access your data without anyone even knowing about it.

4. Use Complex Passwords To Secure All Wireless Networks

Using complex passwords is one of the best ways to protect your company from being hacked.

Remember that using "password" as your password isn't going to cut it. The best passwords will be at least 12 characters long and contain a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

You'll also want to regularly change the default passwords on all devices (at least once a month). The best way to do this is by using a different password for each device or account.

5. Encrypt Your Data

Encrypting your data is another great way to keep hackers at bay. Encrypting essentially means taking all of your data and scrambling it into an unreadable format that only you can understand. This makes any sensitive information impossible for hackers to access, even if they manage to get into one of your accounts.

6. Get PC Virus Removal Services

If you have a virus on your computer, it could be stealing information about your clients or even using your email account to send spam. This can lead to legal issues and put you at risk of serious lawsuits.

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